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Multan, Pakistan
The city of saints.
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Quetta, Pakistan
The fruit garden.
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Tri-Cycle Race
zeeshan cycle race
I won my first award by winning the tri-cycle race competition that I don't even remember much about.
Karachi, Pakistan
The city of lights.
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What I remember from those days is that my dad made me learn how to swim. I loved it. Those were the shallow days.
Lahore, Pakistan
The cultural heart.
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My life revolved around kites. I was fascinated by the number of kites you will find in the sky of Lahore. I would come back from school, go out and sit with my brother in our lawn and just look up to see those kites fly high in the sky.

ONE has a shirt for you to represent basant or the kites culture of Lahore. BoKaata!
for guys
for girls
First computer
first computer
My dad bought our first computer. It was a pentium I with Windows 5. I have been a fan of Microsoft since then. We, as in me and my siblings, were only allowed to use it for half an hour each day.
I was all about competing in project competitions, exhibitions and events. I won various certificates and awards during this time.
Picture (left to right): BCK Annual Talent Show, Computer Exhibition, Science Model Competition.
Shifa United FC
My first graphic design and website project was for Shifa United FC. A small football team that I made with my neighbouring friends and we went on to compete some of the best clubs in Karachi during those days. I used Macromedia Fireworks and Microsoft Frontpage to design and develop this website. It was hosted on Yahoo! Geocities.
I was getting into animation. I used to play day and night with Macromedia Flash MX and made some cool games using ActionScript and just plain animation graphics. I’m still looking for those fla and swf files. I hope to find them one of these days.
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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International Schools Educational Olympiad (ISEO), Bronze Medal - Short Film Competition.
This was the beginning of Baskar Productions, a small film production team that I made with my friends at Roots College International. For our first project, we competed in a short film competition held at International Schools Educational Olympiad (ISEO), Karachi. We won bronze medal for our 10 mins short film. The title of our film was ‘Men in Black - Pakistan Police’ and it was submitted for humor in everyday life category.

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool, Saif Ullah Khan, M.Hassaan Rahim, Farhan Hasan, Sameer Hamdani, Haris Ali and Daniyal Nadeem.
Roots United
I was the Captain of Roots United, my high school football team.
Director Media & IT, Roots Model United Nations
I was the Director Media & IT for the first all Pakistan Roots Model United Nations. My responsibilities included branding and website management for the conference. I was a part of G6, the Great 6, the core team members of RMUN’08.
Picture (left to right): Team G6, RMUN shirt design.

Team members: Abdullah Bin Khurram, Saif Ullah Khan, Zeeshan Rasool, Isra Shabir, Fatimah Baig and Ayesha Majeed.
President, Roots Olympiad
Roots Olympiad
I was the President Roots Olympiad, one of the biggest olympiad events to ever take place at high-school level in Pakistan. My team comprised over 60 members and the event was attended by over 1000 participants from all over Pakistan. I took charge of planning, management and execution of the whole event. It would have not been possible without all of my friends who were a part of my team and of course ma’am Khadija, our Principal and Director Roots School System.
Picture (left to right): Roots Olympiad Organizing Team, Closing Ceremony.

BlueCube Creatives
At BlueCube Creatives, simplicity is the key. A small digital design company I started with my younger brother. We provided services in graphic design, web design and development. I used Adobe Fireworks to design and Adobe Flash to develop the portfolio website of BlueCube Creatives. This website was compiled in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool and Rehan Rasool.
BlueCube Creatives
Internship, SOS Children's Village
SOS Village
I did an internship at SOS Children's Village in Rawalpindi. I taught Math, English and Urdu subjects to grade 5-7 students.
Joga Bonito Futsal Tournament
Roots Joga Bonito
Organized the first futsal tournament at Roots. Joga Bonito was attended by over 16 teams and ran for 3 days. There was a cash prize for the winning team. It’s an annual event now.

Picture (left to right): Match officials with two teams, Joga Bonito logo and poster.

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool, Maaz Ashiq and Arsalan Khalid.
Islamabad, Pakistan
The capital city.
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FAST Universities Debating Championship (FUDC)
I did graphics design for this annual debating competition. I designed the logo, banners, backdrop, certificates and participant tags.
Dirt Bike USA
A small website project that I did for a marketing class at FAST-NU. I didn’t take the class but helped one of my friends in the Business department. It was a two day project. Things you do for your friends!
Most Talented Student of the Year
Roots HA
Awarded by the Director of Roots School System and Adjutant General Pakistan Army at the High Achievers Ceremony.
Left picture: Ghulam Rasool Tariq (father), Rehan Rasool (brother), Nasira Neelam (mother), Khadija Mushtaq (Principle & Director Roots College International).
Right picture: Lt Gen Javed Zia (Adjutant General Pakistan Army), Riffat Mushtaq (Founder & Director Roots School System)
Intra FAST Debating Competition (IFDC)
I did graphic design for IFDC. I designed the logo, banners, posters, backdrop, certificates and participant tags.
FASTABAD was a mega event held at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad. It was attended by enormous number of participants from all across Pakistan. Competition events included: Run Chicken Run, Maze Trap, Joga Bonito, Arm Wrestling, Scavenger Hunt, Geek Race, Tyre-o-fy and Tug of War.

I was the Vice President of this event, covering all aspects of planning and management. I was responsible for the event branding, website development, sponsorships, marketing and registrations. I used Adobe Illustrator to design the website, posters, backdrops, participant tags and certificates. The website was compiled in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool, Usman Miski, M. Bilal Khan, Junaid Gill, Umar Iqbal, Saad Qamar, Faique Sohail, Smeeha Rizvi, Taimur, Obaid Ullah Bheer, Aabiha Kalim, Ali Ahmed, Hamza Gondal and Bilal Asif.

I designed the marketing poster for NASCON, the biggest competition event held annually at FAST-NU.
Janisar e Pakistan
I used Adobe Illustrator to design the logo and website layout for this non-profit organization. The website was compiled in Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.
Society for Tolerance Environment Education through Recreation
STEER is a charitable organization, registered in Islamabad, Pakistan devoted to the promotion of tolerance, understanding and harmony in the society.

I designed and developed their website using Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver.
United Youth Conference
The UYC was a youth leadership conference held in 5 major cities of Pakistan. I designed the logo, website, participant tags and branding material using Adobe Illustrator. The website was developed and compiled using Adobe Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I also made a promotional video using Ulead Video Studio.
United Youth Conference
Homeless at Home
UNHCR Homeless
I designed the DVD cover for ‘Homeless at Home’ documentary. A project sponsored and funded by UNHCR.
DVD cover
Saint Mary’s Academy Model United Nations (SMAMUN)
SMAMUN is a nationally revered, non-profit union headed by the student body of one of the oldest, most historic schools of Pakistan, Saint Mary's Academy. Its objectives include introducing significant, fruitful and quality debate meanwhile endowing its participants with the familiarity of working in the United Nations(UN) and providing them with a chance to display their talent and forge life-long social connections.

I created SMAMUN's branding material including logo, poster, backdrop, certificates and concert tickets using Adobe Illustrator. The website was developed and compiled in Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.
Ufone Uth Futsal Tournament
Ufonr Uth Futsal Tournament
Ufone Uth Futsal Tournament: My team, Papa Jani, were the champions of Ufone Uth Futsal Tournament. There were over 32 teams in this tournament. Our winning prize money was Rs. 50,000 excluding tax.

Team members: Saad A Sahibzada, Saad Qamar, Ali Dabir, Mazin Asif, Abid Ali Akbar, Sheharyar Khan, Bilal Liaqat, Hashim Mahmood and Fahad.
Squamish, Canada
Outdoor recreation capital.
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Talent and Leadership Scholarship
I was awarded $32,000 scholarship in honour of various talents, leadership abilities, community service activities, and potential contributions to the diverse and global perspectives that are cultivated in a Quest education.
Managing & Creative Director, MRKS Media
We Create Next-Gen Innovative Digital Solutions & Experiences for our Friends, Startups, Small Businesses, Social Enterprises, NGOs & larger Corporations.

Team members:
- Initial: Darwyn Moffatt-Mallett, Tucker Sherman, Brad Klees and Zeeshan Rasool.
- Current: M Hassaan Rahim, Junaid Gill and Zeeshan Rasool.
Salman Hayat Furniture
I designed and developed the Salman Hayat Furniture website using Adobe Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver.
Creative Director, Impact99
Impact99 brings together 99 Workplace Champions with thought leaders in social, digital and mobile technology for one day to reinvent the workplace. I was a part of the the inagural Impact99 conference team. I designed marketing and branding material, developed the website, coordinated schedule and assisted participants. The inaugural conference was held in Squamish followed by Toronto in 2011.
ALIF is one of the pioneer creations of its kind; it’s a magazine which solely aims at promoting and catering to the young aspiring artists of Pakistan. Among many of its targets, one of the most considerable one is to provide an encouraging means to all forms of diverse artistic expressions, including Photography, Poetry, Articles, Blogs, Comics, Animation, etc. Each genre of art will have exclusive sections dedicated to them, and no form of art or artist will be discriminated from the other.

I managed Alif’s online presence, social media content, graphic design and marketing. I was part of the ideation team that planned Alif.
facebook page
Senior Ambassador Social Media & Graphics, Quest University
Quest Senior Ambassador Social Media & Graphics is also a Mentor for prospective and incoming students. In addition to social media and graphics work, as a mentor, they are there to answer questions about life on campus and help guide incoming students through the rest of their journey to Quest. My job included communication with incoming students regarding life at Quest questions and concerns. Creation of graphics and film as social media content for Quest Admissions. Also, I supervised Quest’s social media presence.
Winners AVAAZ, Speed Filming Competition.
From concept to final production, everything was done within 24 hours.

You read to become all knowledgeable, but you never read yourself
You run to enter your mosques and temples, but you never enter your own heart
Everyday you fight satan, but you never fight yourself
- Bulleh Shah

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool, Osama Iftikhar, Hamza Naveed and Usman Miski
Mujahid Group of Industries (MGI)
I designed the branding material including logo, letterhead, business cards, envelope and company stamps of MGI using Adobe Illustrator. The website was developed on Adobe Dreamweaver and Google Analytics were integrated for visitor insights. In addition, I did brand photography for the website and produced a promotional video using Adobe Premier Pro.
Dancing Bear Music Festival
The Dancing Bear Music Festival is an annual non-profit, outdoor music festival completely organized and financed by students of Quest University Canada. I designed its branding material including logo, posters and schedule handouts using Adobe Illustrator. The website was developed on Adobe Dreamweaver and PayPal checkout system was integrated for online ticketing.
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Lake Constance and a university city.
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Vancouver, Canada
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Business Associate, Ethical User Experience Inc.
I joined EthicalUX as a Business Analyst and later became an Associate. EUX acquired Tiipz IP worth $0.5m in May 2013. My work as a Business Analyst was focused on Tiipz platform-shift, from a CRM to ERM system, business analysis and market research to see if there's a viable market for Tiipz technology to be used as a corporate culture metrics platform. As a Business Associate, I have been responsible for project management and client relations.
Director, Global Crisis Simulation
I have been involved with planning and management of the GCS. This is an ongoing project where I am managing branding and marketing of the GCS conference. I designed the logo, conference graphics, sponsorship proposal and information packages. In addition, I worked on the UX and UI design of the website. Created high fidelity wireframes using Adobe Illustrator and developed the website in Adobe Dreamweaver. Integrated Google Analytics on the website, ran promotional ads using Google Adwords and managed targeted ad campaigns using Facebook Pages.
Founder & Managing Director, ONE The Brand
ONE is a research focused culture and design apparel brand for promotion of rich traditional elements found within the various provinces of Pakistan.

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool, Rehan Rasool, Osama Iftikhar, Junaid Gill, Misha Zawar and Khyyam Ikram.
Community Carbon Marketplace
I was responsible for CCM's branding, corporate identity and UX / UI design for website. I designed posters, business cards, stamps, information packages and publication material. Created business strategy by understanding the organization and its customer requirements. Created wireframes, information architecture, interaction design and visual design for the website before it was approved for development. Provided iteration details to the development team, performed usability testing and QA.

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool, M Hassaan Rahim and Juniad Gill.
Land of LOOT
I was responsible for UX and UI design for website. Created wireframes, information architecture, and visual design for the website. Provided iteration details to the development team, performed usability testing and QA.

Team members: Zeeshan Rasool, Rehan Rasool and Junaid Gill.
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